5 Sure Ways to Protect Yourself When Serving Alcohol

You do not want to find yourself, or employer embroiled in a legal battle stemming from an incident of serving alcohol to the wrong person. Below are 5 of the best ways to stay protected and ensure you are doing your job right and responsibly.

Never Serve to Anyone Under 21

Never take a chance when it comes to serving alcohol to someone that is potentially under age 21. The penalties are stiff for non-compliance. If they seem too young, ask to see an ID. If they want a drink, they will comply willingly. It is better to risk offending a customer than take the penalty for serving to someone that is under-age.

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Do Not Allow Co-workers to Drink On the Job

Obtaining a Texas liquor license carries a heavy responsibility for the business and individual employees. The state is requiring that everyone associated with the business has the ability to make clear and sober decisions. Do not be afraid to put your foot down when it comes to co-workers drinking alcohol on the job. You will come under fire if it is discovered and made known that you were aware of the situation, but said nothing.

Never Serve an Alcoholic Beverage to Someone That Is Intoxicated

It is not wise to serve an alcoholic drink to anyone that is obviously intoxicated. As a server you should stay aware of all people that are entering the establishment. You can easily look for clues that tel you whether the person should be served, or refused alcohol.

Know When to Cut a Customer Off Alcohol

As important as it is to recognize when someone is intoxicated on first arrival, never serve an individual to the point of being drunk. They could leave at any moment and try to drive home. You will bear some legal responsibility if they end up in an accident. Know when to tell them they have had enough to drink.

Involve Police Assistance for Intoxicated and Under-Age Drinkers If Needed

Do not be afraid to call on police assistance if you have a belligerent minor or intoxicated individual that refuses to take “no” for an answer. You are ultimately responsible, which means you need to remain in control of the situation and never feel bullied into serving.

Contact alcohol compliance experts and discover the best ways to protect yourself from serving to the wrong person.

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