Preserving Your Most Precious Memories on Your Blog

Just about anyone and everyone these days has his or her web presence in one form or another. Some people use Facebook, some build personal web sites, and others blog. And what they use their web presence for is as varied as each person’s individual personality. Some use it for voicing opinions. Some use it for promoting products or services. And some use it for just mundane stuff.

How about preserving your memories on your blog? Isn’t it a perfectly good reason to run one?

Before the age of digital photography and before everyone started carrying a smartphones with built-in cameras, family photographs and videos were stored in photo albums and shoe boxes. And in addition, many folks have their most cherished moments (like weddings or family vacations) on magnetic video tapes. All these are prone to deterioration because of age and the elements (weather, temperature, humidity, molds, etc.).

So preserving these and sharing them on blogs now seems like the most important thing you can do.

But before you can have these photos and videos posted on your blogs for posterity, they have to first be converted to digital format. The downside is that with the sheer amount of photos, slides, films, video tapes and what-have-you’s, the task becomes quite daunting even for the most energetic DIYer. The upside? There are many companies that can do these conversions for you.

One such company is ScanDigital. They offer photo scanning and video & film conversion to digital format. The typical steps involved with hiring them for the job goes something like this:

  • Place your order on their website;
  • Send your photos/videos/film to them via UPS (the UPS label is generated from their site and comes with tracking);
  • Upon their receipt your package, all materials are cleaned and inspected using the highest quality equipment;
  • They convert/transfer your photos/videos/film to digital format;
  • They ship back your originals along with your digital copies.

Thus, you receive a lifetime of memories on disc or hard drive that are preserved forever. And you now have them in formats that you can easily upload to your blogs.

ScanDigital assures their customers with confidence when using their services. That’s why it is part of their fundamental policy to provide world class customer service. Give them a call at 1.888.333.2808 to inquire about their services.

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