Optimizing WordPress Blogs

by: Jonathan Leger

When using WordPress Blogs, you need to use the proper elements. Headings are always at the top. Paragraphs need to have the right structure. Make sure your lists are actual List and not some gibberish. The theme should be constructed properly, if you use Images make sure there is text to back it up. Keep your content up to date and good, great of course would be better. Let you creativity flow. Use the permalink structure.

When setting up each of these you need to keep the following content and styles in the forefront of your mind. For Page titles, it should mean and say exactly what the content on the page is. Alt tags are where you put text to match your images. Tags are how each link goes to a specific part on each web page. Landing sites, is when your visitors actually make it to your site, what do you want them to see. If you think they may have a hard time finding the right stuff or if they are not directly pointed to the right spot think of adding a blog there.

Use Google sitemaps, this helps to make sure you’re the content is accurate and makes sure it is right. Pinging aggregators make sure that any time a new blog is posted relating to your site it is directed to you. Keep Valid markup in mind, this makes sure that the keywords and your site are valid and accurate in content. Use BackLinks you and your friends can help each other and other bloggers by back linking to each other. Use the titles as the primary keywords. Be sure to include links in your forums and emails.

Keep the content up to date, dead content means a dead site. Do not give up no matter how frustrated you get, and that each new blog represents the title. Get the reader involved, no one likes being talk at but being talked to gives the whole experience a feeling of a conversation.

Use correct post titles and make sure they are clear and to the point, either that or extremely catchy.

Following each of these and keeping your goals in mind will help insure your sites success.

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