Why Get a Degree in Social Media?

A student who earns a degree in social media has a lot of skills to offer in the workplace especially in the field of marketing. For instance, a person who studies this subject learns how to use social media in an effective way. With more people using social media everyday there is a tremendous opportunity for a business or company to communicate with a large amount of consumers in a short period of time. Look at some other valuable skills that students learn when they pursue a degree with a focus on social media.

Social media students learn about the various types of social media sites and how to use them. Most of the students may know the basics of using social media, but this a technology that is evolving each day. A knowledgeable instructor can give students tips on how to make using social media easier and create a lasting impression on consumers. The instructor may give real life examples on how social media was used successfully in a marketing campaign for a particular product or event. Students can build on that knowledge to come up with new ideas for spreading the news about a product or event via social media.
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Registering Domains in Bulk

Most individuals will never buy a domain name. It’s easy, but most people simply don’t need one. Those that build one website, however, are likely to end up building another sooner or later, and that can oftentimes mean seeking out more than one domain name at a time. Then there are those that need more than that, and look for bulk domain names. You can find bulk domain names at and similar registry sites, and they can be invaluable if you have a need for a large number of websites about a similar topic, or are trying to protect a brand.


By registering domain names in bulk, you can often save yourself time and funds, and guarantee that you get every domain name in the batch all at once. Whether your goal is to establish a large number of websites about a similar topic, or perhaps to keep competitors from publishing unflattering websites about your business, or even to defend yourself against fraud by those that would sell knock-offs of your products, bulk domain names are an accessible method for those willing to take the plunge.

Bulk domain names take a little more effort to figure out. After all, picking a dozen to a hundred isn’t the same as picking one! However, once you know what you’re looking for and how to look for it, it’s an easy challenge to take in stride.


Cancelling Your Subscription helps its members eliminate the need to visit multiple services to connect with other people whether for personal or professional reasons. Members are able to manage communication across various popular social networks and email accounts securely and conveniently using a simple and intuitive interface.

mylife has made it super simple for paying members to renew their subscriptions automatically so their premium services are never interrupted. Automatic renewal of subscriptions ensures all members that the services they paid for are never interrupted. But there are times when members just want to cancel their subscription and get a Refund. So would be the steps to cancel a membership?

It’s pretty simple actually… If you are a member and you wish to end your subscription or ask about getting a refund, the first thing you need to do is to call up this number – 888-704-1900 – and talk to one of their Customer Care professionals. Their customer care representatives are available between the hours of 6:00AM and 9:00PM PST from Monday to Friday. On weekends, a Customer Care professional can be reached between 6:00AM – 6:00PM PST. Once you reach a Customer Care representative, just let him or her know that you want to cancel your membership.

For members who have paid for membership via Paypal will need to contact Paypal’s customer service department in addition. This is necessary to inform them of the membership termination. Paypal’s customer service number is 888-221-1161. Call them up and let them know of the changes.

There have been reported cases of members being under the impression that clicking the “unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of email alerts is enough to disable auto-renewal and cancel membership. This is not the case. This “unsubscribe” link can only unsubscribes members from email alerts. It will not terminate or cancel memberships. To stop membership from being auto-renewed, it is necessary to pick up the phone and contact MyLife’s Customer Care representatives. They will always be available and happy to assist in cancelling subscriptions.

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Setting Up a Blog for Your Online Business

So you have decided to join the multitudes who have gone into setting up a blog to run an online business from. Why not? It’s been known to give people a supplementary source of income. With the economy being the way it has been for the last few years, it seems like a great idea.

But how do you get started? What things will you need? How much money will it cost you? And who can you call on to help get this idea off the ground. These are typical questions asked by those going about this for the very first time. This write-up aims to give the beginner a self-help guide to setting up a professional blog properly.

Register a Domain Name

If your intention is to run an online business, be professional and spend the necessary dollars to register a domain name. Don’t go for freebie sub-domains or the URL shorteners. Nobody wants to do business with a company that can’t even spend to get a decent name. Take this important first step and find a good and reputable domain name registration company to register your domain name.

Get Web Presence – Find a Web Host

This step is actually optional but it is highly recommended that you host your own web site with a paid hosting company. There are plenty of freebie web hosts available to host your blog on but most of them have ad banners that you must agree to display on your business site. It defeats the purpose of going into business if your own web site is a host for your competitors’ ads.

However, not all freebie hosts have ads. Some will simply ask you to do other things in exchange for the free hosting. These “other things” could range from answering online surveys or committing to an online offer. Any way you look at it, it’s not really free because you have to do something in return for the “free” space you are getting.

Of course there are also free blog sites you can sign up with. But similar to the free web space, you are likely going to have to display ads on your blog or agree to do something else in exchange for the free service.

A good compromise is to find a free blog site and see if they offer a feature called “domain pointing”. This allows you to point the domain name you registered to your free blog site and have it appear as if it is a self-hosted blog.

The best option for web presence to simply sign up with a real web hosting company. Many registrars now offer wen hosting (for an additional recurring fee) on top of their domain name registration service. This is ideal if you want to deal with just one company. It makes dealing with customer service and technical support personnel much more bearable.

Develop the Right Image – Hire a Professional

This step cannot be underscored enough. But it is something most people who go into blogging and online business always take for granted. The “oh I can do this myself” mentality is almost always a bad idea especially if your goal is to have a professional web site or blog. Find a real graphics designer for your logo, hire a web design expert to do the design, hire a qualified programmer for your custom programming needs. Whatever your business is and no matter how simple the idea might be, you cannot possibly do everything yourself. Spending a few extra dollars to get the job done by a professional can mean you get to recoup that cost a quickly as possible. So don’t experiment – get it done by a pro.

As a quick recap, bear in mind that it always takes money to make money. The principle applies to any kind of business – not only for the big corporations but even for the little ones. So to ensure a higher probability for success, you and your business must be willing to spend the necessary money to get the necessary revenue.

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Using Website Builders to Build Your Business Site or Blog

These days, everyone is using the internet to promote his or her business either through the help of a website or a blog. The internet has impacted the ways by which we promote and market businesses. Because the internet can reach every corner of the world, it is the best medium to make your business known to people whether locally or globally.

“Experts” often say that you can have your websites up and running in no time. But the question for those with little or no knowledge of internet programming or coding is how to create a website to boost the business.

To address this need, there are companies that offer simple and easy to use software which are categorized as website builders. A website builder is a tool or software specially used to create websites easily, rapidly and without any need for programming knowledge.

Website building software automates the process of website creation and blog creation with very minimal or even no coding. Website builder works by providing the end-user with a graphical front-end to work with and thereby hiding the complicated back-end part of the development. Thus end-users do not have to worry about the development part. The programming task is achieved with the help of simple drag-and-drop interface of the software.

There are also marketing features that some website builders offer. Email marketing is one of them. Some website builders offer opt-in newsletter features to enable their end-users to stay in touch with their clients and user base. Other business tools such as social network integration and e-commerce solutions are also available. These features usually come at an additional investment.


If you’re interested in signing up with a website builder, check out Web Dot Com. Their SiteBuilder package includes the easy-to-use website building tool boasting of over 9500 templates that you can use to customize your design. You also have access to starter contents that you can use for your products or services and a stock image library so you can make your site look attractive and professionally designed.

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Social Networking Sites and How People Use Them

Social media and social networking sites have taken over the lives of millions of people. Technology has made it near impossible to not be on a social networking site. What with everyone owning a smartphone or a tablet these days, plus the convenience of having wifi or 3G connection, people stay online practically at all hours.
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Importance Of Customer Retention

A very successful businessman once said that your next big customer is your old customer. Whether you run a small home business or a huge enterprise, your customers are what pumps blood to your business and your bottom line. Thus, repeat business and referrals from happy customers are essential to ensuring your business’ endurance and longevity.

Unfortunately for a lot of businesses, they realize late in the game that it’s so much easier to generate repeat business than it is to bring in new ones. Businesses need to know from day one that the customer is the most important part of the equation.
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Accounting, Costs and Pricing Seminars by Federal Publications Seminars

Federal Publications Seminars is a leading provider of practical, high-quality courses and materials for contract professionals. Having more than 40 years experience in the field, Federal Publications Seminars offer hundreds of public seminars that cover the full spectrum of contracting subjects.

The instructors and faculty are full-time working professionals. They are leading practitioners from law offices, accounting firms, federal agencies, companies, and universities. They teach the most current and practical information relevant to contract professionals.

Some of the Accounting, Costs and Pricing courses and seminars offered include:

Cost and Price Analysis in Government Contracts – two very critical and essential tools used in assessing fairness and reasonableness of proposed prices which must be understood by buyers and sellers in all government contracting situations.

Commercial Item Acquisition – provides an extensive analysis of developments in the acquisition of commercial products and services by the Federal Government. It aims to assist participants in learning how to benefit from specialized regulations applicable to the acquisition of commercial items.

Cost Accounting Standards – a comprehensive course in Government contract requirements with key instruction by specialists in accounting and law. This course includes coverage of new developments and any prospective implications of the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

Accounting Compliance for Government Contractors – is a 2-day program covering accounting systems in the context of general cost accounting concepts and processes adapted to the specific requirements for contracting with the Federal Government.

Government Contract Accounting – accounting in Government contracting has its own unique set of specialized rules, regulations, standards, and problems. This seminar aims to give attendees a solid, practical understanding of Government contract accounting.

For more Accounting, Costs and Pricing seminars and other courses offered by Federal Publications Seminars, please go to their web site at or call 1-888-494-3696.

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ERP Software for the Food and Beverage Business

For those in the food and beverage business, they know that complying with FDA as well as USDA requirements is not to be taken lightly. The regulatory requirements are strict and non-compliance can mean the end of one’s business. Fortunately, there are technology companies that offer solutions to help f&b operators and distributors meet these standards. Business owners who employ these software solutions ensure the customers – that’s us, the public – products that are safe and reliable.

One such company is TGI. TGI has been around since 1990 and is an industry-leading provider of manufacturing and distribution software solutions to small and mid-market manufacturers and distributors. Their flagship product is called Enterprise 21, a fully-integrated business management software solution which they developed, implement and support.

TGI’s Enterprise 21 offer f&b companies fully-integrated food ERP software functionality that is designed to meet the ever evolving and expanding industry regulatory and compliance requirements. Enterprise 21 offers comprehensive and configurable food ERP software solutions to enable industry best practices and meet industry standards.

Enterprise 21 controls all the aspects involved in inventory management such as compliance management, bi-directional lot traceability, integrated quality control, and shelf life and expiration date tracking. The food processing software capabilities provides advanced material planning and production scheduling capabilities. And it features RF and barcode-enabled warehouse management system for streamlined warehouse operations and precise lot data recording.

Enterprise 21 is a tightly integrated system covering all possible requirements of a business enterprise including financial management, purchasing, CRM, business intelligence, and order management. All these are available in a comprehensive food processing software solution that operates on a single database, thus eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and improving organization-wide data integrity.

To get more information on TGI and Enterprise 21, give them a call at 1-800-837-0028.

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Tackling the Problem of Unmotivated Employees

Do you own a business that is experiencing a shortfall in productivity? Your bottom line could be suffering because employees don’t feel motivated and engaged in their work. This kind of problem is common among businesses everywhere. Many businesses just don’t realize that keeping employees motivated just as important as ensuring profitability. Bear in mind that it is impossible to increase productivity if employees are not motivated.

So why are employees not motivated and what can be done about it?

Business owners need to realize that each employee has unique personalities. So factors that affect one may not be have the same effect on the next. Some of the common roots of having unmotivated employees in the workplace include poorly matched positions to the employees’ actual skills, hard-to-please managers and bad work ethics. On a personal level, common roots include addictions, family or marital problems, health issues. Whatever the roots might be, it is important to be able to identify them and define a solution.

And how can the business owner motivate employees and improve productivity among them?

As managers, it is important to know employees as individuals. Understanding what drives them and what their weaknesses are will help in placing them where they can be most productive. Giving incentives is a great motivator but also varies between individuals. Some may be motivated by quota-driven cash rewards while some might prefer the opportunity of getting a paid vacation. Whatever works for them, it is the job of the manager to identify what motivates the people in his or her team.

There are tools available to help managers tackle this challenge. Many companies use assessment forms and surveys to gather information about employee satisfaction. Others use knowledge management software to identify and enable adoption of employee insights and experiences. Still others employ collaboration tools with the goal of fostering teamwork among employees.

Remember – by identifying problems among individuals within the workplace, you can identify solutions that ultimately creates motivated employees. And when you have motivated employees, productivity and profitability come automatically.

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