Choosing Your Words so You Can Earn Money by Blogging

by: Adam Waxler

Although there are a lot of ways that you can make money on the Internet, blogging is probably one of the easiest for a beginner to get started with. As a matter of fact, if you do things properly you can expect to earn money by blogging within just a few days, or perhaps a week at the most. While I’m not guaranteeing that you are going to get rich overnight, I can tell you that if you choose your words carefully, you will have a much better opportunity to put some money in your pocket.

The reason why it is so important for you to choose your words carefully if you expect to earn money by blogging is that choosing words at random will not pull any people into your website. Using tools such as, MicroNiche Finder, or even the free keyword tool at Google will allow you to find out what people are actually searching for on the Internet. By using these keyword phrases in your blog post, and targeting them properly, you will have the best opportunity to get real people from the search engines to visit your blog.

Of course, in order to earn money by blogging you’re going to have to use these keywords in the right way. Trying to target keywords that have millions of competing webpages is, quite simply, not going to get you anywhere. Look for keyword phrases that are two or more words in length and then check your competition by searching for that phrase in Google. This will give you a better example of who is trying to target that keyword phrase, especially if you search for it in quotes. You should then use it in the title of the blog post and again once or twice in the article. A good rule of thumb is is to use your keyword phrase about once very 100 words.

Of course, there is more involved when you try to earn money by blogging, but using the right keywords is really the best starting point. From there, finding suitable advertisers and placing the advertising on the page properly is an important next step. It is also imperative that you are persistent in your blogging efforts and that you continue to write on a daily basis. By following these general rules, you will have the best opportunity to earn money by blogging and to actually put some cash in your pocket from your efforts.

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