Data Centers’ Evolving Challenges and Solutions

If your business has its own data center, then you’re aware of the ever evolving challenges environmental monitoring brings about. With the array of today’s powerful servers combined with the wide-scale adoption of virtualization, the way you must monitor your data centers has radically changed. You need a reliable and dependable partner that can handle your environmental monitor needs.

When problems arise, sometimes consequences can be very high. On a single system in a small server room, the loss of data could be cause for concern. In a large organization, even a single data-center blade server failure could take down multiple applications running as virtual instances on that machine. Detecting these problems in today’s scenario are much more complex than they were before.

In a traditional server room, workloads are quite predictable. So things that could cause problems such as heat generation patterns are often understandable even if they vary throughout a rack. A typical scenario is the increased workloads in the early morning when employees in an organization are launching applications. This process may routinely increase server heat output but it’s always at the same given time of day. So old solutions are built around such patterns.

In today’s large data centers set-up, however, workloads have become a lot more dynamic, thus unpredictable. With virtualization, IT managers could, for example, decide to move instances of an application from one physical server to another. This would result in sudden increase in CPU utilization on a machine that would otherwise have stayed idle – all in a matter of minutes.

What is needed is a monitoring and surveillance system that is sophisticated enough to track environmental changes and identify anomalies. More importantly, the system should be able to send alerts when thresholds have been exceeded. The solution must be able to give managers information about data center conditions at a very granular level. So when a spike in environmental conditions even on just a single rack is identified, a potential disaster could be averted very quickly.

Enter ITWatchDogs.

ITWatchdogs’ mission is to help IT Admins prevent system downtime which in turn saves time and money for their companies. They accomplish this mission by providing easy-to-use and reliable data center monitoring solutions. ITWatchDogs manufactures environmental monitoring systems that allows data center administrators to monitor server room conditions through a common web browser. Their system employs live video feeds and sensor data for things like humidity, airflow, temperature, power, light, sound, water leaks and more. The system can show current and historic data through HTTP(S) and can shoot alerts via email, SMS, and SNMP to notify the admin should abnormal conditions be detected.

Check out their web site to see what they can do for you. Or email them at sales [at] itwatchdogs [dot] com.

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