How To Deal With Debt and Bankruptcy in Nebraska

If you’re in debt and asking yourself if you afford the debt relief help you need, the answer is yes, you can afford to get the credit counseling and bankruptcy law help you need. Skrupa Law Office, LLC, combines the work of three attorneys and support staff in two office locations – Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska. Together, the firm represents people throughout Nebraska in chapter 7, chapter 11, and chapter 13 bankruptcy matters. They may be able to start your case with no money down. You would pay only up-front court filing and credit report fees. They will also allow you to make your payments over time.

Skrupa Law is a medium-sized law firm offering the small-firm intimacy. Because they only focus on bankruptcy, they assure clients very competent help with any bankruptcy issue, regardless of how complex it might be. People often visit their offices stressed out by creditor harassment, lawsuits and wage garnishment. Skrupa Law has made it their goal to set clients at ease and leave their offices with the sense that a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

The most common worry that people face when seeking debt relief is determining which possessions they will get to keep and which ones they will have to give up in a bankruptcy. Unknown to many, the vast majority of people filing for bankruptcy actually get to keep all their household items. If you have a home and/or vehicle that you want to keep, you can do so by filing a proper reaffirmation agreement with the court. Any qualified attorney can do this. On the other hand, a good attorney from Skrupa Law, can use the complexity of bankruptcy laws to your advantage, maximizing what you keep and minimizing what you have to give up.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes out all your bills (with certain exceptions). If you want to keep your car or house, you simply have to make good on the payments. If you’re burdened by a bad lease or loan, you can give your car or house up (if you want to) without penalties.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is where you pay a portion of your bills back a little bit at a time. Your monthly payments will be based on what you can afford. These payments are usually less than what many people pay to credit counseling agencies. You might be eligible to file chapter 13 bankruptcy if you are behind on your house payments and would like to save your house from foreclosure.

Whatever your case is, give Skrupa Law a call and see and how they can help. You can reach their Omaha law office at (402) 571-2900 or their Lincoln law office at (402) 464-3311.

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