How to Get a Concealed Carry Permit

When you obtain a concealed carry permit, you have the legal right to carry a gun on your body at all times. Though only law enforcement professionals once had this right, many states now give regular people the chance to apply for the same type of permit. Most states prevent you from carrying a gun into certain public places such as the church you attend each week and the school where you or your children take classes. Though your state may have different steps for getting one of these permits, many states use some of the same steps.

Meet Basic Requirements

Before you run out and buy a gun and a tactical holster, check out the basic requirements for getting a concealed carry permit in your state. Most states require that you be a legal resident of the country as well as a legal resident of the state and be at least 21 years old. You’ll need to show proof that you lived in the state for at least 30 to 45 days and that you lived at your current address for at least one full month too.

Take a Class

Getting a concealed carry permit requires that you take a class that trains you on the basics of carrying a weapon. This class usually lasts for around eight hours, and you have the option of breaking the class into shorter sessions or completing the full eight hours on the same day. You must attend a class taught by an instructor with a license to teach. If you worked in law enforcement or were in the military within the last few years, you can skip this class. You’ll need to submit proof to the state of your background though to skip the class.

Apply for a Permit

Applying for a permit is your last step. You will need to visit the sheriff’s office in the county in which you live, though some states will let you pick up an application from the local police station. Once you fill out the application, you can return it to that station and hand it over along with a passport photo. Officers will take your fingerprints to run a background check and check your driver’s license or photo ID to ensure it matches the details on your application. You’ll also need to pay an application fee before the department will process your application.

If you feel nervous about the safety of yourself and your family every time that you step outside, you may feel more confident when you can carry a concealed weapon on your person. States often require that you take a class, meet some residency requirements and complete an application to get a concealed carry permit. is owned and operated by Icthus.Net Communications.
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