How To Make Your Business Feel Safe As You Reopen

After being closed for months due to the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are slowly opening their doors. If you’re just starting back up, it’s exciting to see your customers again, but you must do it with caution. Here are four tips to safely reopen your business.

Have a Professional Cleaning

An important step to give you peace-of-mind is to have your business thoroughly cleaned by professional cleaning services Pittsburgh PA. Expert cleaners use high-grade sanitizers to clean every surface in your office. Regularly scheduled cleanings will give you and your customers an added layer of confidence that you’re staying on top of the situation.

Post Notifications

The rules and regulations of reopening should be made very clear to your patrons. This can be listed on a sign outlining your expectations before a client walks in. You can also create welcome back posts on social media so your new procedures are perfectly understood.

Remember Your Employees

Before you reopen, make your company safe for all employees. Be sure you are following your state’s regulations to a T, providing separate workspaces, plexi-glass barriers, masks, hand sanitizers and staggered shifts if necessary. Taking care of your employees should be a top priority to ensure everyone’s safety.

Make Reception Safe

For offices utilizing a reception area, you’ve got plenty of changes to make. First, block off or remove most chairs and keep remaining seats six feet or more apart. You’ll need to restrict the number of guests allowed in at one time. Remember to remove magazines and keep spaces bare so that they can be regularly wiped down.

Follow Protocol

Everyone is anxious to get back to a somewhat normal state of affairs as far as shopping and office visits go. By strictly following protocol, there is a much better chance of moving forward and keeping you, your employees and clients safe.

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