Three Myths and Truths That You Should Know About Newborns

Parenting is hard, no doubt, especially when it’s your first-time and there are dozens of people whispering their own misconceptions and beliefs about newborns in your ears like unwanted bulk freight. While some advice is well-received and appreciated, other advice is a conglomeration of myths—ones that can be harmful to your psyche if you put too much faith in them.

This article covers three of the biggest myths about newborns. Hopefully it can clear up some of the largest misconceptions with some graceful truths; ergo, this article seeks to give you an advantage when it comes to keeping your cool when your bundled of babe arrives.

Myth #1: Babies Cry ALL Night so Your Days of Restful Sleep are Over

Truth: Every baby is unique in their needs. Some babies cry more than others in the middle of the nights, while some sleep in 4-5-hour intervals throughout the evenings. Your babe will be different from other babies, so don’t expect to be stuck with sleepless nights from the get-go.

Myth #2: Breastfeeding Trumps Bottle-feeding Every Single Time

Truth: This one is a shaming tactic that leaves many mothers feelings incompetent about their ability to be a mom. Pish-posh is what that is. Total nonsense. FED is best. While breastfeeding has the benefit of mother-provided nutrients to your babe, there’s nothing wrong with taking the bottle-feeding route. That decision is totally your own.

Some people that push breastfeeding don’t’ understand how much work and tears go into the actual act. As stated above, every baby is different, and there are some that simply never take to an offered breast. Do what feels best for the health of you and your baby, mama.

Myth #3: You Shouldn’t Hold Your Newborn Too Much Because You’ll Spoil Them

Truth: This one has been scientifically disproven but still pops up as a common thing that people say. You CANNOT spoil a newborn. Babies don’t have the mindpower to be spoiled. They cry to express need or discomforts—not because they are trying to manipulate you into picking them up. Babies need your attention. It’s why they are babies. And your attention ensures they feel secure, safe, and content throughout their childhood.

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