Top Secret to Making Money Blogging

by Bliss O. Oharisi

In the past, making money blogging was a mirage to so many bloggers because only a few were able to tap into this online money making with the use of blogs.

Are you still in that state of imagination about making money blogging? Then you need to wake up from your state of wondering because money making have become easier than ever with the use of effective and cheap tool online.

Having a simple blog anyone can really make thousands if not millions of dollars monthly, but the truth is that only a few blog owners have been able to make sure return, application of knowledge is power! I guess I’m right? So many bloggers are making it big time in the blogging industry; on the other hand others are not why because they have laid hold on the same secret I’m about sharing with you.

My question is, What is your stat?

Do you have a blog?

Are you making much money with your blog?

If your answer is yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Good for you, but if no, then you need to read the rest part of this article as I will show you the simple way I make money online with my blog.

There are different ways one can make money from a blog, but I will be concentrating on the simple one and I hope you follow me as I lead you.

1. Draw out your blogging plan:-

Friend if you must make money blogging then you must draw out your blog plan very well. This is because success needs a plan to follow so get your pen and a sheet of paper and write out some of the things you would like to archive with your blog. Write out the kind of blog you would like to have and make a list of things you like to blog about (music, health, relationship, auto e.t.c). Blogging is all about this you know and love to share; you also need to write out the kind of people you’d like to reach as your audience. This is vital because it’s a road map to your success.

2. Take a quick tour: you need to take a tour to other blogs of the same niche (field) and see what they are writing about and see some of their basic blog features, remember that you are not the only one blogging or the first to blog people are already there before you and you need to do what they are doing and even better. You need to remove every doubt of failing because you will see great blogs and you will be amazed at what they are doing, Rome was not built in a day!

3. Create your blog: this is one easy step and i will recommend the free blogs (sub-domain) like blogger for beginners because its free and easy to use, and let your blog URL be related to your niche (if you are blogging about health let you blog site name).

4. Design / customise your site: there is not thing as good as when your blog is looking beautiful. You don’t have to leave your blog on its default theme because it will not really suite your blog niche. Blog customisation is very important because this is what makes your blog to be different from other blogs, it also increase your reader’s interest on your blog. It also makes your blog to be professional. One can really change the theme of his blog with the use of templates or editing the HTML code of the blog template and this can be done by those who knows about blog design, if you want to redesign your blog you give it to any truth worthy blogger who can help you with the design and you pay a little cash for the job.

5. Search engine optimisation (SEO): this popular term in the blogging industry could be challenging if not properly done. SEO is simply you optimising your blog to be readily seen and claw by search to enable it found on search engine. There are different ways of doing this, you have to configure your meta tag, blog description and back linking, please search other site for full tutorial of this topic.

6. Article content: content is king! You need to write out quality articles and post on your blog and post on article directories, this will increase your blog Page Rank and blog traffic.

7. AdSense and Affiliate Marketing: this is the really thing that make one make money. Joining Google AdSense programme is very profitable and affiliate programmes. Google AdSense is designed for publishers (blog owners) to enable them make money from ads (adverts) placed on their blogs. The money generated is as a result of clicks visitors makes when they visit your site. This clicks are then calculated into cash and the money paid by check at the end of every month by Google international.

This secret will only work for you if you follow what I have just shown you! See you on top!

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