Why You Need to Build a Professional Online Presence

Since the advent of the Internet, people have shared a great deal of information. There is at least one blog or website that covers virtually any content you can think of. From a professional standpoint, the Internet can offer greater opportunities as well. People don’t need to focus on developing careers in markets that are only available to them locally.

Opportunities Abound

In the past, people opened up a newspaper to the classifieds in order to find job opportunities. These listings were usually filled with jobs centered on one specific location – the city in which the paper was printed. Today, people can scour the Internet looking for careers in virtually any field of which they’re qualified in any location around the globe. It can also work in the opposite direction as employers are constantly scouring the Internet to find talent for their companies. Essentially, the right information can help employers find you for specific careers.

Marketing Yourself

As with any business, developing an online presence can be beneficial in establishing yourself as a professional. In order to get the best offers and the most lucrative opportunities, you need to market yourself well. Keep in mind that you’re not the only one looking to boost yourself as a professional online. Just like in your physical location, there is a lot of competition for those perfect jobs.

Separating from the Competition

As employers look through the Internet to find the right candidates, they will come across a large number of competing individuals. You need to take the extra steps necessary to set yourself apart from the masses. In today’s professional market, it takes a great deal of effort to make your identity stand out above the rest. You’ll need to come up with strategies to promote yourself if you want potential employers to contact you.

Discovery of Your Talents

Even if you already have a job that you like, there is a good chance that it’s not your dream career. While working your current job, perhaps the perfect company comes along and sees your skills online. What if the company you want to work for is interested in your talents and is willing to pay you far more than what you’re receiving now? Without an online presence, this scenario will never happen. You don’t have to be actively looking for a new job for an opportunity to find you.


Developing an online presence can be beneficial for your own sense of self-worth. Filling out an online resume in full gives you a sense of just how much you do have to offer a potential employer. It can be used as a method to encourage yourself to do better in order to attract those lucrative opportunities. It may also contribute to building your self-esteem once you realize just how many skills you have at your disposal. Depression and low self-esteem often play a role in one’s ability to stay motivated to succeed, and an online resume could help you change that frame of mind.

If you take the time to study and emulate examples available online, like the Pete Briger resume, you can get a wealth of helpful tips. The more information you add, the greater are your chances of being discovered. Take steps to market yourself as a professional. You never know who might be reading your resume online.


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