Blogs – The Ultimate Business Marketing Tool

by: TJ Philpott

It is quite common today to create a blog for business marketing purposes.

Originally blogs were simply personal journals on which the individual could share their personal experience, voice their opinions, or perhaps express their passions to the internet community.

Eventually the uniqueness of the blog’s ability to more deeply engage their readers became apparent. Many resourceful online marketers have come to recognize the potential this platform has for promotional advertising.

Now the push is on to improve upon and harness the relaxed yet effective means in which to capture and communicate with visitors for promotional means.

Let’s let at 5 undeniable reasons why blogs are both popular and effective when used for business marketing purposes.


Blogs are very inexpensive to set up. In fact some are cost free where others may require a hosting service which is relatively inexpensive.


For even the most inexperienced setting up a blog couldn’t be easier. As a rule there are no technical skills or coding knowledge needed and the setup can be done in minutes. –


The ability to customize your blogs appearance to better reflect your personality or business is a feature that can’t be overlooked. Consider it a way to express yourself in a more visual manner to your visitors. There generally are numerous templates from which to choose from and these can be switch out at any time to suit your purposes.

The tone of your content is another way to express yourself and will be an important factor in how your blog may stand out from the rest. Show some personality in your postings and let your readers get to know you. This should help in developing longer lasting relationships with your readers. Relax and be yourself; don’t be afraid to express your opinions since your readers will expect this.

Maintain your individuality and stand out from the masses. Remember, there is only one you so take advantage of it.


Blogs present a unique opportunity to ‘suggestively’ promote to readers.

When marketing products of any kind to your subscribers you DO NOT want to hard sell them.

A relaxed and passive approach such as suggesting or recommending a particular product or service within the body of a post is appropriate. The use of banner ads or even ‘renting’ out space on your blog to advertisers is acceptable as long as this is not overdone. You want to maintain the relaxed, communal atmosphere of your blog.

The people you’re marketing products to on your blog have a ‘relationship’ with you built on trust. They originally came to your blog to read your content. They’re returning since they obviously favor how you present yourself and the subject on which you write. You must be careful to not violate the trust they’ve placed in you by pushy and/or frequent sales tactics.


The heart and soul of just about any popular blog is the ability for visitors to leave comments. In fact this is one of the very first things a new blog should set up is a clearly defined area to leave comments. Comments should be encouraged!

Thru this interaction with the readers blog owners are able to get an insight into what they are interested in or what problems they may have and want solutions to.

Fortune 500 companies pay millions to get this type of market research done now you can do it for free by monitoring reader comments.

Listen to their feedback and when appropriate, act upon it. This will only encourage more interaction and feedback from your readers.

The ability to create a blog that can effectively deliver a message, collect valuable market research or promote a product to a global audience is hard to ignore. From major corporations to the guy on the street, this cost effective promotional advertising platform presents endless business marketing possibilities only limited by the imagination.

About The Author

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

For additional money making tips and a free guide that demonstrates how to find both profitable markets and products visit:

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