3 Great Uses for Plastic Blades

Safety is a top priority in any setting, but especially when working with blades. Traditional metal razor blades are extremely sharp and can cut through skin, clothing and many other soft materials with ease, making them hazardous to use. Plastic blades, on the other hand, are a safe alternative and great for many uses — here are three convenient ways to use a plastic razor blade.

Cleaning Glass Cooktops

Glass stovetops are notoriously difficult to get clean, primarily because of grease and gunk buildup. Traditional metal blades can be used, but they can damage glass surfaces if you’re not careful. On the other hand, plastic blades can easily get underneath and lift away caked on grime without scratching the stovetop. Best of all, plastic blades are easy to wash after heavy cleaning.

Removing Stickers and Tape

Tape and stickers are often troublesome to remove from almost any surface — even if you peel off the top layer, the tacky surface below will usually stay behind, leaving you with residue. Fortunately, plastic razor blades are excellent for removing stickers and tape from plastic, glass, porcelain, metal and so much more. Whether you’re peeling away the whole sticker or trying to scrape off excess adhesive, a plastic blade can get it done safety and effectively.

Cleaning Cars

When dirt, grime and other gunk builds up on your car, you may be hesitant to try to remove it lest you chip off any paint. Metal blades are especially likely to scratch and chip your paint and windshield, but plastic blades can easily clean the surface of your car without damaging it. 

When it comes to safely cleaning the surfaces in your home and garage, plastic blades are one of the best ways to go. Not only do they reduce damage to what you’re cleaning, but your chances of being cut are significantly reduced with plastic blades.

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