The Benefits of Blogging

by David O Connell

Blogging is an efficient connecting and interacting tool, which makes extensive use of different Internet attributes. It is largely used by advertisers for marketing purposes. It has also become greatly popular among teenagers and older generations to share ideas and obtain guidance in different fields.

Knowledge sharing and management is the most important benefit of blogging. Apart from this, other advantages include self-marketing, community building, better customer service, interactive journalism, social reforms and better communication techniques. Below are some key benefits.

Benefits of Blog Posts:

1. Connectivity: It is an efficient and cost-effective technique to advertise the business facts and expertise, since it builds connectivity to a larger community. This is extremely helpful for small businesses, who cannot invest funds in marketing their products or services.

2. Direct Communication: It provides a direct source of communication with customers, who feel free to address their ideas, queries or experiences regarding a particular commodity. Thus, producers get an overview of different opinions and can accordingly make necessary changes in the production process.

3. Real Time: Blogging enables on-the-spot debates and discussions. It is not necessary to wait for the next day to read details in a newspaper. Advertisers make instant modifications and update the readers regarding any significant changes.

4. Democratic View: There are no barriers to any post, unless it offends the readers. Blogs get different opinions and eliminate repetitive ideas to have all the possible responses for any product or service. Thus, it follows the concept of democratization of information.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): It uses SEO and thus, helps to increase search engine rankings. Costs of SEO services range from $5000 to $10,000. These services largely increase the popularity of a site, by displaying search results for specific keywords that a visitor types in the search box. Hence, most blogs have repetitive keywords. This fetches more positive search engine results and increases revenue.

6. Fast Publication: Business entrepreneurs use the technique of blogging to articulate expertise, viewpoints and knowledge, since it is a fast and simple marketing tool. Apart from this, many companies provide online blogging tips to get started with the process. It is equally easy for viewers to access blogs and post their queries and ideas.

7. Low Cost: It is an inexpensive method to bring a company name in focus. Small businesses use blogging to highlight product characteristics to promote, sell, and to differentiate products. This highly minimizes the overall budget and gives better results, since it offers scope for feedback from readers as well.

8. Reputation: With better customer service and high quality products, blogs enable to build customer confidence and trust towards the company. It portrays the site owner as an expert and maintains the company reputation, which customers feel free to rely on.

According to studies, people who post blogs or visit them experience surprising reductions in their anxiety and depression levels. Blogging gives new ideas and increases the understanding capabilities. It offers different perspectives to a particular idea and thus, broadens the social spectrum.

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