Using Website Builders to Build Your Business Site or Blog

These days, everyone is using the internet to promote his or her business either through the help of a website or a blog. The internet has impacted the ways by which we promote and market businesses. Because the internet can reach every corner of the world, it is the best medium to make your business known to people whether locally or globally.

“Experts” often say that you can have your websites up and running in no time. But the question for those with little or no knowledge of internet programming or coding is how to create a website to boost the business.

To address this need, there are companies that offer simple and easy to use software which are categorized as website builders. A website builder is a tool or software specially used to create websites easily, rapidly and without any need for programming knowledge.

Website building software automates the process of website creation and blog creation with very minimal or even no coding. Website builder works by providing the end-user with a graphical front-end to work with and thereby hiding the complicated back-end part of the development. Thus end-users do not have to worry about the development part. The programming task is achieved with the help of simple drag-and-drop interface of the software.

There are also marketing features that some website builders offer. Email marketing is one of them. Some website builders offer opt-in newsletter features to enable their end-users to stay in touch with their clients and user base. Other business tools such as social network integration and e-commerce solutions are also available. These features usually come at an additional investment.


If you’re interested in signing up with a website builder, check out Web Dot Com. Their SiteBuilder package includes the easy-to-use website building tool boasting of over 9500 templates that you can use to customize your design. You also have access to starter contents that you can use for your products or services and a stock image library so you can make your site look attractive and professionally designed.

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Social Networking Sites and How People Use Them

Social media and social networking sites have taken over the lives of millions of people. Technology has made it near impossible to not be on a social networking site. What with everyone owning a smartphone or a tablet these days, plus the convenience of having wifi or 3G connection, people stay online practically at all hours.
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Importance Of Customer Retention

A very successful businessman once said that your next big customer is your old customer. Whether you run a small home business or a huge enterprise, your customers are what pumps blood to your business and your bottom line. Thus, repeat business and referrals from happy customers are essential to ensuring your business’ endurance and longevity.

Unfortunately for a lot of businesses, they realize late in the game that it’s so much easier to generate repeat business than it is to bring in new ones. Businesses need to know from day one that the customer is the most important part of the equation.
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Accounting, Costs and Pricing Seminars by Federal Publications Seminars

Federal Publications Seminars is a leading provider of practical, high-quality courses and materials for contract professionals. Having more than 40 years experience in the field, Federal Publications Seminars offer hundreds of public seminars that cover the full spectrum of contracting subjects.

The instructors and faculty are full-time working professionals. They are leading practitioners from law offices, accounting firms, federal agencies, companies, and universities. They teach the most current and practical information relevant to contract professionals.

Some of the Accounting, Costs and Pricing courses and seminars offered include:

Cost and Price Analysis in Government Contracts – two very critical and essential tools used in assessing fairness and reasonableness of proposed prices which must be understood by buyers and sellers in all government contracting situations.

Commercial Item Acquisition – provides an extensive analysis of developments in the acquisition of commercial products and services by the Federal Government. It aims to assist participants in learning how to benefit from specialized regulations applicable to the acquisition of commercial items.

Cost Accounting Standards – a comprehensive course in Government contract requirements with key instruction by specialists in accounting and law. This course includes coverage of new developments and any prospective implications of the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

Accounting Compliance for Government Contractors – is a 2-day program covering accounting systems in the context of general cost accounting concepts and processes adapted to the specific requirements for contracting with the Federal Government.

Government Contract Accounting – accounting in Government contracting has its own unique set of specialized rules, regulations, standards, and problems. This seminar aims to give attendees a solid, practical understanding of Government contract accounting.

For more Accounting, Costs and Pricing seminars and other courses offered by Federal Publications Seminars, please go to their web site at or call 1-888-494-3696.

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ERP Software for the Food and Beverage Business

For those in the food and beverage business, they know that complying with FDA as well as USDA requirements is not to be taken lightly. The regulatory requirements are strict and non-compliance can mean the end of one’s business. Fortunately, there are technology companies that offer solutions to help f&b operators and distributors meet these standards. Business owners who employ these software solutions ensure the customers – that’s us, the public – products that are safe and reliable.

One such company is TGI. TGI has been around since 1990 and is an industry-leading provider of manufacturing and distribution software solutions to small and mid-market manufacturers and distributors. Their flagship product is called Enterprise 21, a fully-integrated business management software solution which they developed, implement and support.

TGI’s Enterprise 21 offer f&b companies fully-integrated food ERP software functionality that is designed to meet the ever evolving and expanding industry regulatory and compliance requirements. Enterprise 21 offers comprehensive and configurable food ERP software solutions to enable industry best practices and meet industry standards.

Enterprise 21 controls all the aspects involved in inventory management such as compliance management, bi-directional lot traceability, integrated quality control, and shelf life and expiration date tracking. The food processing software capabilities provides advanced material planning and production scheduling capabilities. And it features RF and barcode-enabled warehouse management system for streamlined warehouse operations and precise lot data recording.

Enterprise 21 is a tightly integrated system covering all possible requirements of a business enterprise including financial management, purchasing, CRM, business intelligence, and order management. All these are available in a comprehensive food processing software solution that operates on a single database, thus eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and improving organization-wide data integrity.

To get more information on TGI and Enterprise 21, give them a call at 1-800-837-0028.

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Tackling the Problem of Unmotivated Employees

Do you own a business that is experiencing a shortfall in productivity? Your bottom line could be suffering because employees don’t feel motivated and engaged in their work. This kind of problem is common among businesses everywhere. Many businesses just don’t realize that keeping employees motivated just as important as ensuring profitability. Bear in mind that it is impossible to increase productivity if employees are not motivated.

So why are employees not motivated and what can be done about it?

Business owners need to realize that each employee has unique personalities. So factors that affect one may not be have the same effect on the next. Some of the common roots of having unmotivated employees in the workplace include poorly matched positions to the employees’ actual skills, hard-to-please managers and bad work ethics. On a personal level, common roots include addictions, family or marital problems, health issues. Whatever the roots might be, it is important to be able to identify them and define a solution.

And how can the business owner motivate employees and improve productivity among them?

As managers, it is important to know employees as individuals. Understanding what drives them and what their weaknesses are will help in placing them where they can be most productive. Giving incentives is a great motivator but also varies between individuals. Some may be motivated by quota-driven cash rewards while some might prefer the opportunity of getting a paid vacation. Whatever works for them, it is the job of the manager to identify what motivates the people in his or her team.

There are tools available to help managers tackle this challenge. Many companies use assessment forms and surveys to gather information about employee satisfaction. Others use knowledge management software to identify and enable adoption of employee insights and experiences. Still others employ collaboration tools with the goal of fostering teamwork among employees.

Remember – by identifying problems among individuals within the workplace, you can identify solutions that ultimately creates motivated employees. And when you have motivated employees, productivity and profitability come automatically.

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Things to Consider When Outsourcing Your Customer Service

Having good customer service for your business is a huge factor to retaining customers. But even for the largest and most seasoned company, managing an in-house customer service team can be a challenge.

Would it surprise to know that a recent study by a large consulting firm showed that consumers rate automated telephone customer service higher than live agents? The same study also found that the majority of consumers were unhappy with the services they got.

Contracting an outside provider to handle customer support can ensure better service for your customers. Companies these days are outsourcing this process to ensure that a trained professional answers their customer’s inquiries and concerns 24 by 7. If your business is considering this, here are some tips:
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Finding a Job in HR

Whether it’s a downturn or a bullish economy, looking for jobs in Human Resources is very easy. With the aid of technology, there are many tools available to narrow down on that job opening. The internet offers many avenues where a job-seeker can get the latest listings for HR jobs in a specific location, not just in a person’s locale but anywhere in the world.

And unlike fields where specialization is required, such as medicine, engineering and accounting, nearly all companies have a requirement for HR personnel. Different business sectors all require HR people to manage their man power. Whether it’s a bank, a telecoms company, or even manufacturing – all these have needs for reliable HR teams.
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How To Deal With Debt and Bankruptcy in Nebraska

If you’re in debt and asking yourself if you afford the debt relief help you need, the answer is yes, you can afford to get the credit counseling and bankruptcy law help you need. Skrupa Law Office, LLC, combines the work of three attorneys and support staff in two office locations – Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska. Together, the firm represents people throughout Nebraska in chapter 7, chapter 11, and chapter 13 bankruptcy matters. They may be able to start your case with no money down. You would pay only up-front court filing and credit report fees. They will also allow you to make your payments over time.

Skrupa Law is a medium-sized law firm offering the small-firm intimacy. Because they only focus on bankruptcy, they assure clients very competent help with any bankruptcy issue, regardless of how complex it might be. People often visit their offices stressed out by creditor harassment, lawsuits and wage garnishment. Skrupa Law has made it their goal to set clients at ease and leave their offices with the sense that a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

The most common worry that people face when seeking debt relief is determining which possessions they will get to keep and which ones they will have to give up in a bankruptcy. Unknown to many, the vast majority of people filing for bankruptcy actually get to keep all their household items. If you have a home and/or vehicle that you want to keep, you can do so by filing a proper reaffirmation agreement with the court. Any qualified attorney can do this. On the other hand, a good attorney from Skrupa Law, can use the complexity of bankruptcy laws to your advantage, maximizing what you keep and minimizing what you have to give up.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes out all your bills (with certain exceptions). If you want to keep your car or house, you simply have to make good on the payments. If you’re burdened by a bad lease or loan, you can give your car or house up (if you want to) without penalties.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is where you pay a portion of your bills back a little bit at a time. Your monthly payments will be based on what you can afford. These payments are usually less than what many people pay to credit counseling agencies. You might be eligible to file chapter 13 bankruptcy if you are behind on your house payments and would like to save your house from foreclosure.

Whatever your case is, give Skrupa Law a call and see and how they can help. You can reach their Omaha law office at (402) 571-2900 or their Lincoln law office at (402) 464-3311.

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Setting Up Manufacturing In Mexico

Many US manufacturing companies have their assembly in Mexico using raw materials and components from the US with reduced duties. What started out as simple assembly operations in Mexico have, over the years, evolved into more complex manufacturing operations. These include manufacturing of televisions, cars, industrial and personal products. While it’s widely perceived that most of US manufacturing is done in China, Mexico attracts U.S. manufacturers that need low cost solutions near-by for higher value end products and time-sensitive components.

Large foreign firms with global experience can set up their operations in Mexico easily. For smaller companies, they usually seek professional help from qualified consulting firms or by working with partners in Mexico. When seeking a consulting company to assist in setting up your manufacturing in Mexico, consider Entrada Group.
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